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DotElfa Shelving on SALE!

25% off all Elfa Shelving

 Want to get a home office, closet, pantry or garage organized?  All Elfa Shelving is 25% off at the Container Store.  Call Austin Simple Staging today for a free consultation!  Let’s get you organized!

(See examples of Elfa Shelving below.)


Use Elfa Shelving to provide floor to ceiling shelving in your home office.  Elfa Shelving comes in 2′ sections.  So you can customize the unit to fit your room. 


 A closet doesn’t get much better than this!  Use Elfa Shelving to provide more storage space in your closet.  You can put baskets, pull outs and jewlery organizers in your closet! 


Can’t fit cars in your garage?  Use Elfa Shelving to organize your garage walls.  Elfa Shelving helps maximize the wall space you have in your garage! 



DotHome Office Transformation

 From Clutter…To Beautiful and Organized

Mission Accomplished!  Dana, the homeowner, works from home and since moving into to her house hasn’t been happy working in her home office because it was unorganized and not inviting.  She makes sales calls for her job and has lots of giveaways and promotional items that she gives to potential clients.  Before, they were scatttered throughout her home and garage and her office was cold and unorganized.  After some decorating and major organizing we transformed her home office into an inviting and beautfiul place to work.  See the before and after photos below…


WilliamsA0908_006Before                                                                                          After

Check out this messy desk….



Bye bye messy desk and hello beautiful!



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M. Sutton - Beautiful transformation!!!


DotHome Office Organization Project

Big or Small…We can do it all!

Home orgnaization projects can range in size.  Often times people need their entire home office organized, while in other cases people just need a system to work within.  My most recent project was helping Shelley to organize her home office.  She has a unique situation where within her home she needed a mobile office. 

With help from the Container Store we got her organized and brightened up her office with lime green accessories.  We purchased two magazine holders to serve as her in and out boxes and a rolling Elfa unit for her files.  The Elfa unit provides two additional drawers for storage.  Check out the photos below!  It is now a cheery and organized space for Shelley to work in and she knows exactly where everything lives!




Call (512) 585-9550 to get your home office organized!



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