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DotAdvantages of Staging a Home!

  Advantages of Staging a Home

I recently finished staging the home below and after Alison Cartwright with Twist Tours photographed the home, we have a stellar listing ready to rock and roll!  We highly suggest scheduling a 2-3 hour staging consultation prior to listing your home on the MLS.  This will ensure a few things: 1)  No one walks through the home without it in tip top condition  2) Each family has the opportunity to envision themselves living in the home  3)  After the home is staged the clutter has been removed which naturally makes the home appear larger 4)  Your online presence looks as though your home belongs in a magazine.  Consumers like to be blown off their feet.  Staging your home prior to listing it ensures a buyer will emotionally attach themselves to your home.  Without a buyer attaching themselves to your home offers are less likely to roll in.  Feel free to call us with any questions you have regarding your home and we would be happy to assit you!

Realtor:  David Brodsky

(512) 657-6694

Austin Real Estate Agent



DotPrecious Condo Staged! 6903 Deatonhill Drive

 I recently wrapped up staging this precious condo!  It is a great example of how staging a home can increase value and decrease the time it’s on the market! 

Check out the before and after photos!


 Simplify and accessorize a space and it will sell!  In this instance we rented furniture and accessories to finish out this condo in South Austin.  The owners wanted to ensure their condo felt substantial and as updated as possible.  Buyers want a space which is inviting and warm, with a few coordinating accessories and a few new pieces of furniture the space was completely transformed.  Home Staging in Austin TX is the key to unclocking your homes potential! 


 This is a great example of how getting rid of knickknacks can immediately impact a space.  We angled a simple rug in front of the rocker to add a touch of texture, pattern and warmth.  If you have unattractive views out your windows, close the blinds half way.  This allows natural light in but keeps not so pretty scenery out! 


 There is no question this kitchen has character!  Kitchens are rather simple to stage…Less is More!  By removing items from the counter top it automatically allows the kitchen to breathe.  If there are shelving units leave just a few items per shelf.  It doesn’t take much to fill up a photograph! 



 The previous dining room left a bit to be desired.  The previous table was an antique which had a ton of character; however, when selling your home you want it to feel as updated as possible.  Antiques are meant to feel and look old, they do not necessarily make a space feel updated.  We replaced the table with a new and more contemporary look, added artwork and a simple touch of greenery.  The room feels much larger, updated and extremely airy!


Typically condos are rather small, therefore it is extremely important for the furniture to be appropriately scaled to fit the room.  The owners had an over-sized couch that didn’t seem to fit anywhere.  We rented a small love seat, accent chair and end table to furnish the room.  Take note of what artwork can do on a fireplace.  It helps give the room a dramatic look and feeling.  We de-cluttered the far wall to make it easier on buyers eyes.  Who wouldn’t want this darling condo?


Before being staged, the master bedroom was a multi-purpose space.  It served as an office, bedroom, library and storage space.  When staging a home it is important each room have a single purpose.  We took this cluttered space and turned it into a retreat!  Buyers want the master bedroom to feel like a get-a-way….and we accomplished just that!


 In comparison to competition this bathroom is a stand out!  It was extremely important that we showcase it well.  By de-cluttering and nicely folding/rolling towels we ended up with a beautiful bathroom that is easy to take in!  It is so important to make sure buyers can see what they are purchasing.  With all the clutter removed, there is no question who ever buys this property will have a beautiful bathroom!

Thank you for visiting Austin Simple Staging’s Blog! Check back soon!

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Downtown Austin Condos - I recently tweeted and stumbled upon your post. Really your post is very informative and I enjoyed your opinions. Do you use twitter or stumbleupon? So I can follow you there. I am hoping you post again soon.


DotStaged and Up For Sale! 1508 Ridgehaven, Austin TX

I just finished staging a home in northeast Austin and wanted to share the before and after photos.  I worked with realtor Donna Scoggins with Remax and the homeowners to pull together what is now a darling and inviting home!  The previous home was a bachelor pad that was in desperate need of a decorative touch! 

Be sure to look for the detailed work pictured below!  Austin Simple Staging goes the extra mile ro ensure that every little detail is just perfect!


Before & After Photos


This room went from drab to down right gorgeous!  This home was lacking decor, sophistication and flare!  By renting furniture and accessories with Austin Simple Staging buyers will now desire this home and this space!  The family room is where the majority of families spend their time.  If you are going to make an investment in home staging, be sure to spend your money wisely!


Pool table out and hello stunning dining room!  When preparing your home to sell, it is important to show buyers what specific rooms are for.  In this case the formal dining room housed a pool table which made it difficult for buyers to understand the room’s purpose.  After renting the appropriate furniture, buyers will now have no question that this room has potential!


We added a small seating area over to the left to show potential buyers that not only is this the dining room but you can also place a few comfortable chairs for a small yet formal living space!  When staging a home, there is absolutely no reason you must show buyers every single option for furniture placement but we must give them a clue into what this home could be! 


This before and after gives you a good idea how much furniture you can fit in this space.  This is the first room you see upon entering the home and the pool table wasn’t winning over buyers!  After staging this room is ready to WOW buyers!


 If you have a simple kitchen nook table that is lacking character, place a tall and sophisticated plant in the center.  It is amazing what a simple arrangment can do for a space.  When staging a home it is incredibly important for each room to have a single focal point.  In this case, it is the center of the table.  By adding a simple peice of artwork to the room, we suddenly have a more dramatic and lively space. 


 If you have built in units like the one above, showcase them!  You don’t need many accessories at all!  2-3 items/shelf should do the job.  You can tell that if you accessorize too much the photo can become extremely cluttered.


This home had a darling office that is just perfect for someone who works from home or is need of an office space.  We rented a simple writing desk and fun red chair.  Now when buyers tour the home there will be no question what this room could potentially be!  Contact Austin Simple Staging for help with staging your upcoming listing!  Home Staging in Austin can help you be the best prepped home on the block!


One of the most inexpensive ways to stage a home is to focus on the bathrooms and give them life.  This bathroom was recently remodeled and was in need of some decor.  By placing a dramatic centerpeice on the sink it suddenly gives it the WOW factor.  Bathrooms are extremely important to buyers and they must be showcased to their greatest potential. 


    This is the master bathroom in this home and due to the the clutter and distraction buyers couldn’t envision themselves purchasing this home.  Buying a home is one of the most emotional purchases one can make.  We must make sure the home draws out buyer’s emotion…this gives them the opportunity to fall in love! 

Thank you for visiting Home Staging Austin Blog!  Contact us for questions and quotes (512) 585-9550! 

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DotHow to Prepare For a Showing

If your house is on the market get ready for showings!  The only way you can sell your home is through potential buyers touring the property!  Read through the list below.  These are easy and simple tricks to ensure you are showing your home in an attractive way!  If you haven’t had your home professionally staged contact Austin Simple Staging for a free home staging austin estimate!  We specialize in occupied and vacant home staging!  Thanks for visiting our blog, come back soon. 

Must Do’s For A Showing

  •       Open all bedroom, bathroom and main doors
  •       Turn on all lights: lamps, can lights, closet lights
  •       Circulate air by turning on all fans
  •       Tilt all blinds to the open position  (If really sunny, tilt blinds at 45 degree angle)
  •       Open all curtains, drapes and allow the natural light to fill your home
  •       Put all toilet seats down, make sure the toliets are clean
  •       Hide all jewelry and valuables
  •       Empty all trash bins including kitchen trash
  •       Light a candle for a nice scent (if returning home within the hour)
  •       Vacuum all carpet
  •       Sweep all hardwood floors and tile
  •       Put all dishes in dishwasher
  •       Wipe down all countertops
  •       Dust all surfaces
  •       Remove all cars from the driveway
  •       If the views are good, open all drapes and blinds
  •       Make all the beds: roll back the bedspread
  •       Empty all trashcans, especially kitchen trash
  •       Remove pets from the house
  •       Shake out the front welcome mat
  •       Have fresh flowers and fruit in the kitchen
  •       Wipe sinks down after doing the dishes
  •       Clean the stove top and counters
  •       Mop the tile if you haven’t done so in the past two days
  •       Wipe off mirrors and faucets
  •       Squeegee shower doors



DotUse Towels in a Creative Way!

Home Staging has forever changed the way in which buyers shop for homes.  Buyers expect to be “wowed” and they expect for their tour to be similar to touring a model home.  It is important to give your home a “lived in” look while simultaneously making it look untouched!  For all the mom’s out there…you know this just isn’t possible.  By hiring a professional home stager, they assit you in getting creative to achieve this look.  When staging a bathroom use some simple raffia and tie your towels on your towel rack.  You can get creative with it!  Below is a photo of one way.  It makes it look as though it belongs in a hotel.  This is an inexpensive and creative way to make a bathroom stand out from other neighborhood bathrooms!

Here is a photo of raffia on a spool.  It can be purchased at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, JoAnne Fabrics…anywhere creative.  I suggest sticking to the neutral colors, unless it’s a kid theme bathroom.


Here is a photo of this technique!  It adds such character! 




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