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DotStaged and Up For Sale! 1508 Ridgehaven, Austin TX

I just finished staging a home in northeast Austin and wanted to share the before and after photos.  I worked with realtor Donna Scoggins with Remax and the homeowners to pull together what is now a darling and inviting home!  The previous home was a bachelor pad that was in desperate need of a decorative touch! 

Be sure to look for the detailed work pictured below!  Austin Simple Staging goes the extra mile ro ensure that every little detail is just perfect!


Before & After Photos


This room went from drab to down right gorgeous!  This home was lacking decor, sophistication and flare!  By renting furniture and accessories with Austin Simple Staging buyers will now desire this home and this space!  The family room is where the majority of families spend their time.  If you are going to make an investment in home staging, be sure to spend your money wisely!


Pool table out and hello stunning dining room!  When preparing your home to sell, it is important to show buyers what specific rooms are for.  In this case the formal dining room housed a pool table which made it difficult for buyers to understand the room’s purpose.  After renting the appropriate furniture, buyers will now have no question that this room has potential!


We added a small seating area over to the left to show potential buyers that not only is this the dining room but you can also place a few comfortable chairs for a small yet formal living space!  When staging a home, there is absolutely no reason you must show buyers every single option for furniture placement but we must give them a clue into what this home could be! 


This before and after gives you a good idea how much furniture you can fit in this space.  This is the first room you see upon entering the home and the pool table wasn’t winning over buyers!  After staging this room is ready to WOW buyers!


 If you have a simple kitchen nook table that is lacking character, place a tall and sophisticated plant in the center.  It is amazing what a simple arrangment can do for a space.  When staging a home it is incredibly important for each room to have a single focal point.  In this case, it is the center of the table.  By adding a simple peice of artwork to the room, we suddenly have a more dramatic and lively space. 


 If you have built in units like the one above, showcase them!  You don’t need many accessories at all!  2-3 items/shelf should do the job.  You can tell that if you accessorize too much the photo can become extremely cluttered.


This home had a darling office that is just perfect for someone who works from home or is need of an office space.  We rented a simple writing desk and fun red chair.  Now when buyers tour the home there will be no question what this room could potentially be!  Contact Austin Simple Staging for help with staging your upcoming listing!  Home Staging in Austin can help you be the best prepped home on the block!


One of the most inexpensive ways to stage a home is to focus on the bathrooms and give them life.  This bathroom was recently remodeled and was in need of some decor.  By placing a dramatic centerpeice on the sink it suddenly gives it the WOW factor.  Bathrooms are extremely important to buyers and they must be showcased to their greatest potential. 


    This is the master bathroom in this home and due to the the clutter and distraction buyers couldn’t envision themselves purchasing this home.  Buying a home is one of the most emotional purchases one can make.  We must make sure the home draws out buyer’s emotion…this gives them the opportunity to fall in love! 

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DotHow to Prepare For a Home Staging Appointment

How to Prepare for a Staging Appointment

So it’s time to sell your home and you’re in need of a professional Austin Home Stager.  Home stagers can work wonders and provide your home an edge over the competition in your area!  To get the most out of your home staging appointment, there are a few things you can do to prepare the home.  These simple actions can make the appointment go smoothly and can ensure you receive every possible benefit from your consultation.


1.  Don’t pack decorative items before the consultation.

Home staging does NOT cost a fortune.  One of the reasons it’s inexpensive is because items are reused that you already own.  Having several accessories to pull from allows the stager to be more strategic with their placement.  Placement is important because the buyer’s eye needs to be directed toward the positive attributes of the home!


2.  Don’t pack wine glasses, glass vases, non-personal artwork, or any neutral plates.

These items are very commonly used for home staging.  Setting the dining room table for open houses and daily viewings is appealing to the eye.  Wine glasses, and neutral plates can be used to set the dining table to suggest entertaining.  Non-personalized artwork and glass vases can be used all throughout the home and can really cut down on the cost of home staging.


3.  Make a list of 2-3 items that are used daily in every room.

Having a list made will ensure your Austin home stager can figure out how to stage your home wonderfully while keeping it practical at the same time.  Living in a staged house is not the easiest, so let’s keep it practical!


4.  Have 2-3 sets of fresh towels ready to be strategically placed in bathrooms.

Have towels out and ready to be used in the bathrooms to make them feel fresh and unused.  Using neutral towels with one pop of color is a nice touch.  The towels can soften bathrooms and pull the room together with coordinating colors.  Make sure the towels are fresh and relatively new!


5.  Remove all personalized artwork, family portraits, etc.

Removing personalized items such as photos and artwork is the first step in depersonalization.  It is difficult for buyers to imagine themselves living in a home when another family’s photos are being showcased.
We want buyers focused on the home and it’s featured not on your children or your specific taste.    Staging involves finding a balance between a “lived in” look and a museum.  Making the home feel new, unused and depersonalized is key! 

Austin Home Staging (512) 585-9550

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DotAustin Home Staging- Can you say WOW!

My most recent project has been one of pure pleasure!  I had an opportunity to work with Tory Ketter from Keller Williams to stage 1607 Travis Heights Blvd.  This is a beautiful home that sits on a corner lot in Travis Heights, Austin TX.  The floor plan is ingenious and the attention to detail is outstanding!  I was brought on board to turn what was a very nice bachelor pad into a stunning and attractive home for sale!  Austin Simple Staging is a full service austin home staging business who can help you accomplish the exact same look!  The incredible before & after photos are listed below. 

We took what was a beautiful home that had a lived in feeling and made it appear more like a model home.  Buyers are not visual, they struggle to see beyond what lies in front of them.  Therefore, we must do the work for them.  We must make the home look and attract to every single person who walks through the door!  There is no question what we achieved below will attract buyers and leave them wanting to move in!  Way to go to everyone who participated in this project!  Call today for a free austin home staging estimate!

For more information contact Tory Ketter @ (512) 699-8867

For a free home staging estimate: CALL (512) 585-9550

MLS # 9954532



All of the furniture pictured below was rented as well as the accessories.  All of the props and accessories seen below are property of Austin Simple Staging.  Notice what a dramatic, sophisticated and simple floral arrangement can do for a room.  We set four place settings to give the room an even more formal look and feel.  When you set a dining room table, it is often times best to do just  2 or 4 place settings as it can get a bit busy.  Check out the window and what an amazing focal point it is!  We opened up the draperies as much as possible to show off the window and to flood the house with light!  Notice in the before photo the gorgeous chandelier just blends in; yet in the after photo it becomes the centerpiece.  It is incredibly important when buying/renting a dining room table that it doesn’t take over the room.  Notice the spacious feel of the room!  Attractive, airy and inviting!  It works every time!



This room showcases one of the biggest differences!  This is a perfect example of what austin home staging can help you accomplish!  We rented all of the furniture and what a fresh feeling it provides!  It is important when selling your home the furniture and the home are on the same level!  If buyers desire your home, they think it is worth more.  Investing in home staging gives you one last opportunity to make your home feel as updated as possible!  This home has a  fresh and airy feeling; therefore, we continued that theme with the furniture and accessories!  Bottom line…the furniture and accessories must coordinate with one another and be on the same level!



Plant life can work wonders in a room!  Check out the simple orchid and bamboo tree we strategically placed in this room.  In comparison to the before photo, the room feels very lively.  Fake plants are always the way to go!  They are of course easier to take care of and will always look good for potential buyers!  Also notice the pop of color in the room.  Here we went with chocolate brown; however, feel free to pick any color you like.  Whatever you choose, just run with it!  Use the “pop color” at least three times/room.  For example, we have the chocolate brown chairs and multiple coordinating pillows!  Can you say WOW…and that’s what buyers will say too! 




In order for a bedroom to reach it’s full potential, it must have a dramatic centerpiece above the bed.  In this instance a large piece of artwork did the job!  It is important on two fronts:  1) It makes your on-line photos pop and 2) It makes the room feel much more substantial.  By hiring a home stager we make sure your home shows at it’s full potential!  Notice the pillows on the bed- fewer pillows is better for both photos and showings!  Less is more!  It was a nice bedroom before, but now it is absolutely stunning!




Bathrooms never require much but a little tidying!  Notice the small yet subtle detail of tying the towels with some raffia.  This gives a bathroom an unused and spa like feeling.  We want a home to feel lived in but not used!  (Not exactly the easiest thing to accomplish!)  Yet is is possible!  Hint:  When trying to keep your bathroom staged for showings, hang the towels you use on a clothes hanger and place all wettowels in your closet.  This ensures your bathroom is always ready to be shown!  Placing a small plant in one of the following places adds a nice touch to any bathroom 1) on a counter 2) on the back of the toilet or 3) on the back of a bathtub.



If a home is three bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths…buyers expect to see exactly that when touring!  In this case we had two bedrooms and an office!  Therefore, we rented furniture and turned this cluttered office back into it’s rightful purpose!  What a difference this will make when buyers tour!  The bedroom is just gorgeous and incredibly inviting!  There is absolutely no reason to clutter nightstands.  Notice there is just one small accessory on each night stand…always remember LESS IS MORE!  Thanks for visiting Austin Simple Staging’s blog and if we can of assistance to you in preparing your home, please give us a call at (512) 585-9550!

Thanks to everyone involved:

Tory Ketter- Realtor, Keller Williams

Brook Furniture Rental – Cris Nelson

Harts Carpet Cleaning – David Hart

Austin Home Staging Assistant – Nina McNeill

Homeowner- Bruce



Adam L. - That house is absolutely beautiful. You've turned a boring, every day house into a masterpiece. It literally made my jaw drop and say "wow". Very good job
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Amanda - Courtney this looks incredible! What you did makes a huge difference to the home!
Carole Reppart - Great Job! The difference is unbelievable once the home is staged!
Nina - Wow! The photos came out great. This house now has sparkle!
Desiree Suchy - Wow Courtney, you did such a great job, the house looks amazing! You just keep getting better :)
Matt - This was an unbelievable transformation. The difference between the before and after photos is incredible.
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