Home Staging Project

The Cech Family contacted me to organize and stage their beautiful home.  They have an extremely open home with beautiful wood work and great architectural features.  Unfortunately, a lot of the beauty was lost in the clutter.  The Cech Family wanted to focus on their kitchen and master bathroom, two rooms which are used quite frequently.  With some organization techniques and staging of accessories throughout the two rooms, we produced an environment which was inviting, clutter free yet functional. 



These uncluttred bathroom counters show just how much space there really is to get ready!


With necessary cooking hardware left on the counters and a couple of decorative peices, this kitchen is now functional with tons of space for cooking and entertaining!


Accessorizing your master bathroom is a must!  It must give off a spa like feeling.  In the Cech bathroom we rolled some new, fresh clean towels and lit candles to give off an inviting and overall spa-like feeling!