The following are five reasons to show why, especially in today’s market, it’s more important than ever before to stage a vacant home:

* Homes that show well are the ones that are warm, inviting, and make an emotional connection with the buyer. Vacant homes rarely accomplish this goal.

* Without furniture, there is no frame of reference, making it difficult for buyers to tell the scale and size of the room. Will the master bedroom fit a king size bed? How about the great room – it looks too small for a sectional. When buyers have to start questioning . . . they normally walk away.

* When homes are vacant, every flaw is exposed. Normal wear and tear, a chipped tile or small crack will be magnified. This will cause buyers to focus on the negatives . . . rather than the positives. A professional stager knows how to redirect a buyers focus, emphasizing the positive features of the home while visually diminishing, but not hiding the negatives.

* Only 10% of buyers can visualize, so when they walk into your home, 90% won’t actually be able to visualize the home’s potential.

* A vacant home will send a message to buyers that the seller is desperate to sell. Right or wrong, knowing the seller has already relocated gives the buyer a distinct advantage when negotiating, often submitting a lower offer.

The fundamental thing to consider when deciding whether to furnish a vacant home is price. And statistics have shown that the ‘price’ of leaving a home vacant can be a lower selling price and a longer time on the market. You must ask yourself if this is a price you can afford to pay?