How to Prepare for a Staging Appointment

So it’s time to sell your home and you’re in need of a professional Austin Home Stager.  Home stagers can work wonders and provide your home an edge over the competition in your area!  To get the most out of your home staging appointment, there are a few things you can do to prepare the home.  These simple actions can make the appointment go smoothly and can ensure you receive every possible benefit from your consultation.


1.  Don’t pack decorative items before the consultation.

Home staging does NOT cost a fortune.  One of the reasons it’s inexpensive is because items are reused that you already own.  Having several accessories to pull from allows the stager to be more strategic with their placement.  Placement is important because the buyer’s eye needs to be directed toward the positive attributes of the home!


2.  Don’t pack wine glasses, glass vases, non-personal artwork, or any neutral plates.

These items are very commonly used for home staging.  Setting the dining room table for open houses and daily viewings is appealing to the eye.  Wine glasses, and neutral plates can be used to set the dining table to suggest entertaining.  Non-personalized artwork and glass vases can be used all throughout the home and can really cut down on the cost of home staging.


3.  Make a list of 2-3 items that are used daily in every room.

Having a list made will ensure your Austin home stager can figure out how to stage your home wonderfully while keeping it practical at the same time.  Living in a staged house is not the easiest, so let’s keep it practical!


4.  Have 2-3 sets of fresh towels ready to be strategically placed in bathrooms.

Have towels out and ready to be used in the bathrooms to make them feel fresh and unused.  Using neutral towels with one pop of color is a nice touch.  The towels can soften bathrooms and pull the room together with coordinating colors.  Make sure the towels are fresh and relatively new!


5.  Remove all personalized artwork, family portraits, etc.

Removing personalized items such as photos and artwork is the first step in depersonalization.  It is difficult for buyers to imagine themselves living in a home when another family’s photos are being showcased.
We want buyers focused on the home and it’s featured not on your children or your specific taste.    Staging involves finding a balance between a “lived in” look and a museum.  Making the home feel new, unused and depersonalized is key! 

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