This past week I had the pleasure of staging a beautiful home in Senna Hills, Austin TX.  I worked with the family to turn their stunning home into a product that will knock buyers off their feet!  This job required a ton of creativity!  The family had a beautiful pool table in their dining room that we disguised and turned into a beautiful dining room table.  Check out the before and after photos below.  We brought in furniture and accessories to finish out the home and can you say WOW!  It turned out wonderful.  I was most definitely pleased with the results! 

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Contact Marc Warshawsky with Realty Austin at 512-658-2128 for more information on this property.  Austin Real Estate MLS #4966139.

This office is the first room buyers see when entering the home.  The first impression is crucial and we wanted to make sure the home had a lasting impression with buyers.  This room was originally the families media room after many discussions we decided it would be best to turn it into a home office and give it some flavor!  We strategically rented a few pieces that would make buyers say WOW! 


 Setting up each space in a home to provide purpose for buyers is extremely important.  This room was originally empty and after switching around the furniture arrangement, renting some artwork and repurposing the owner’s accessories it made the room come to life!

 This home has a very large space that in the beginning wasn’t defined.  We got creative and turned the pool table into a dining room by renting 8 chairs to place around the table.  We rented furniture for the living room to provide buyers with a creative way to casually have a living room or entertaining space.  After the office, this is the next space buyers will see…it just keeps getting better!

The owner’s of this home did a beautiful job choosing their finishes.  Check out the ceiling beams, it is just stunning!  We rented a round nook table to help fill out the space.  It is important to have a purpose for each room but not go overboard with accessorizing!  Keep it simple!


Had this space been left empty, buyers would have struggled with it’s purpose.  So by renting furniture we answered that question for them! 

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Thanks to everyone involved on this project!