Is your home vacant?  The number of vacant homes in the U.S. increased to 19 million in the first quarter 2010, reported the Department of Commerce’s Census Bureau.  There is a way to make your home pop against other occupied and vacant homes.  Contact Austin Simple Staging to learn about their prop and accessory rental.  Austin’s premiere home staging company can help put a little life into your home.  Check out the photos below.  This is an example of a home I recently staged in Legend Oaks.  This family purchased the basic package which focuses on staging the following areas:  kitchen, bathrooms and one focal point  in the family room.  This home received an offer after being on the market for 1 day!  Call us today at (512) 585-9550 and we would be happy to chat with you about staging you home! 

(Furniture is not included in the basic package.  However, in this situation the family had a table and we put it to use!)