A good mentor of mine says that today’s real estate market is a price war and a beauty contest.  Austin Simple Staging is here to help you win the beauty contest!  Staging your home is the equivalent to getting dressed up for a first date.  You put your best foot forward hoping to make a stellar first impression. 

In order to stage a home and stage it well, attention to detail is key.  Check out a few photos below.  Every little clue you can give buyers, the higher probablity the buyers begin to fall in love with a property.  Call Austin Simple Staging today in order to professionally stage your home.  It is a fun, hands-on process that will help ensure your home stands out from competition!

An airy floral arrangement can provide a sense of elegance and beauty to any table!  Purchase a glass vase, place a few rocks in the bottom and arrange 3-5 stems of your choice.   It is a breathtaking look that caps off a buyers tour!

The master bathroom needs to pop for buyers.  Make it feel as though they have walked into a spa!  Purchase a lufa, scrubbing brushes and a jar of salts.  Place them in a basket with a rolled towel and suddenly it says…indulge yourself!

Purchase a few old books that you don’t care about ruining.  Tightly turn the pages inward until they hold themselves.  Do this six times on each side and stand the book up for a creative feature in an office or on a table!

Purchase three glass jars and fill them with everyday bathroom needs.  The white contrast this gives in a bathroom is stunning!  Not to mention it is practical! 

Anytime you have the opportunity to make a vignette, go for it!  This one consist of a bottle of wine, grapes and a block of cheese.  This gives cues to buyers about entertaining, eating good food, relaxing and having a great time!  These are the exact feelings and thoughts we want buyers to have as they walk through your home!  Call today to set up a staging consult for your home today!